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Program Philosophy

We Value A Teaching Environment

  • that is comfortable and nurturing
  • that is a challenging environment
  • where there is enthusiasm and the joy of

We Value a Process of Education That Provides:

  • Applied learning methods, i.e, Children can
         take their classwork home and share it freely with their families
  • Teacher and self-directed learning activities
  • The ability to think critically
  • Developmentally age-appropriate learning activities and equipment
  • A balance between independent creativity and structured learning activities.

We Value a Curriculum That Includes:

  • An understanding and application of individualized approaches to learning
  • The opportunity to maximize each child’s potential
  • Working and learning independently as well as in groups
  • Educational material and supplies that are meaningful to children
  • Flexibility of approach, resources, program scheduling and content to meet the individual needs   
    of the children
  • Exposure to the creative and performing arts to encourage children to realize their talents at an
    early age
  • Preparation for future career goals

We Value Parents And Staff Who Work In Unity To Support:

  • An open communication between home and school
  • A partnership in learning
  • The philosophy that education is ongoing for both children and adults
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